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Author of Snakes Awake

Childrens Picture Story Book

I love our bushwalks.
If I’m lucky, I get to see snakes.
And they’re amazing.

Pip explores the outdoors with her mum, hoping to spot her favourite creature – a sensational snake.

Join her to discover the beauty and excitement of these remarkable reptiles, and learn how to stay safe in the Australian bush.

Jarrod is also a vibrant and exciting guest speaker to book for your classroom, library or club. Online or in person!

Jarrod Paine 

Jarrod Paine is an author, teacher, and licensed snake catcher, from north east Victoria. Writing for him is a passion allowing his energy and enthusiasm for education to bubble onto the page, transporting readers of all ages into the world of adventure, wildlife and mindfulness.

When not writing Jarrod can be found adventuring in the mountains with his family.

As a published author of setup guides, expert in curriculum and its design as well as expert teacher (20 years) and outdoor adventurer Jarrod brings some exciting approaches to his writing. Ofcourse that may just be because he can equally be engaging an audience with stories of skiing off the side of a remote mountain, working as a licensed Snake Catcher or calming your thoughts with meditation. You get the full package with Jarrod in whatever way you engage his services.

Currently Jarrod is completing a year of work course writing the VCE Outdoor Environmental Studies subject for year 12's for online learning. This is not for temporary lockdown learning, but for full time remote learning students. 

Jarrod just loves writing and the creativity he can experience along with the messages and learning he can convey by engaging readers.



Children's Picture Story Books

Jarrod brings a passion for nature and conservation to his stories and takes readers on a learning adventure with every story.

His first published story, "Snake's Awake" is due to be released by Ford Street Publishing in 2022 (

More details to come.

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Small But Mighty Stories


Small But Mighty is a series of blog posts bringing inspiration and motivation to young readers about what other young Australians are out there achieving.

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Wild Things BushPlay Setup Guide 
(written by Jarrod Paine, published by Playgroup Vic)

Expert Guidance

With 17 years of education outdoor experience, across secondary, primary, tertiary and early years, Jarrod has the capabilities and expertise to take your educational program to the next level; the outdoors. At BushPlay Project, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your organisations approach to education outdoors. We’re proud to help shape and improve how children are connecting with nature and facilitate the growth of your BushPlay program.

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MindFitness Training Guides
*** Coming soon Sport Specific Specialisation MindFitness Guide to iBooks.***

Exercise for your mind

Comma is founded on the principle that life is too busy, and if more of us took a breath during our day, we would achieve a higher performing less stressful existence. A comma, in grammatical terms, is placed mid-sentence to remind us to take a breath; likewise a Comma Mindfulness Practice placed in our day will provide our brain with a similar break improving our MindFitness and response and approach to daily activities.

Jarrod also delivers courses for Mindfulness Works Australia. 

Join JP for an adventure

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